Message to the People of Congo on the commemoration of the Proclamation of the Republic, on November 28, 1958

Fellow Congolese People,  

This message is addressed to you, my Sisters, to you my Brothers, to All of you my dear Compatriots. All of Us we represent the entire People of Congo. 

Yes, we have been humiliated, denied our rights, starved, murdered, but, despite all of that, we are standing, proud and alive, with the indomitable will to get back on our feet, to recover, to rise from our ashes, and, all together, hand to hand, we will work to rebuild our beloved country. 

I want you to know that, despite the 575 days of unlawful and arbitrary detention during which I was victim of a murder attempt, in the deepest of my heart, I do not feel any hatred nor desire revenge. 

The Congo only matters to me, the Congo only, that for decades I have carried on my shoulders and in the deepest part of my soul, makes my heart beat, and the happiness of my People is the only thing that moves me and that matters. 

I tell you firmly, we must put a definite end to violence and to this autocratic regime. 

The land of the Congo was, for too many years, watered by the blood of its children, all this must stop. So, with you, my sisters, my brothers and my dear countrymen, let us proclaim unanimously the promise of keeping an attitude always positive, without seeking the settling of scores and the witch hunt, for the sole purpose of preserving the NATIONAL interest. 

Social transformations cannot be improvised, let’s start working on the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE I have called for and whose goal will be to establish the future government that will implement, in the spirit of Union, the COMMON PROGRAM OF GOVERNMENT 

At this International Conference, we will invite the IMF, the World Bank, the London and Paris Clubs. We will be commissioning international agencies to audit the state of health of our economy and finances. We will also require the presence of the Congo’s creditors who will have to justify, with supporting evidence, not only their claims but also the reasons for them and the resulting interest rates. 

For the first time in the history of Congo, let’s face the challenge, let’s dare and move towards the New World, towards the NATIONAL UNION. This Common Program of Government will in no way lead to a political practice based on clan, tribal, ethnic or regional preferences and the exclusion of others. Its sole purpose is to create a consistent democratic policy for the Congo that will be applied from the extreme North to the extreme South, without excluding a single piece of the territory. 

To bring Congo into this New World, we will give the regions ADMINISTRATIVE AND FINANCIAL AUTONOMY, leading to a COMPLETE DECENTRALISATION. National cohesion will be ensured and guaranteed solely by sovereign powers. 

The Congo will finally prosper in a State abiding by the Rule of Law, Justice and Freedom where everyone, without exception, will be able to access Health, Education, Vocational Training, Housing, Security, Organic Food, Transport by opening the regions through the building of communication routes to develop our Internal Market and the development of the Digital Infrastructure throughout the country. 

My dear Sisters, my dear Brothers, my dear Compatriots, it is true that the work that is ahead of us is huge. There are deficiencies in virtually every industry, but I know you, and I know your will and your tenacity, we will restore in our people the confidence in the future, and I am sure we will all come together to restore our dear Congo the place it deserves among the developed and democratic nations.  

Yes, Together Let’s build the Future. « We can achieve it for the Congo ». 

Long live the Republic 

Long live the Congo 

Thank you. 

Modeste Boukadia, President of the C.D.R.C. 

November 28, 2017 

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